HO Gauge

HO, or ‘Half 0’ scale, is the most popular scale of model train all over the world, with the exception of the United Kingdom, and is around 1:87 in size. Due to their popularity, HO scale trains are widely available, as are a variety of accessories, track and scenery. These trains can vary in detail greatly, with some models being intricately detailed collectables, while others being less detailed toys built primarily for operation. HO trains make a good choice for younger collectors for whom a more durable model is desirable.

Item Price
Liliput DR 1st. Class Coach, Epoch III

L384102  Liliput  DR  Schnellzugwagen  Gr.28,  1st.  Class,  Epoch  III, ...

Liliput Track Tamping Machine (unpowered)

Liliput  Track  Tamping  Machine  (unpowered).  Mainliner  Duomatic  marked...

Liliput Mitropa Schlafwagen

833 08 2  Liliput  Mitropa  Schlafwagen  (Sleeping  Car).  Roco  style ...

Liliput D.S.G. Speisewagen

836 04  Liliput  D.S.G.  Speisewagen  (Dining  Car).  Roco  style  close ...

Roco DB Bogie Boxvan

46230  Roco  DB  Long  Wheel  Base  Bogie  Boxvan,  number  185 039.  Small...

Piko DR 4 Wheel Coach With Brakemans Hut

53516  Piko  DR  4  Wheel  Coach  with  Brakemans  Hut.   One  coupling ...

Piko DR Wagons (four)

Piko  DR  Wagons  (four),  comprising:-  5/6410-011  steel  sided  wagon, ...

Faller Signal Box Kit (unmade)

1523  Faller  Combi-kit  Signal  Box  (unmade).  Continental  style  signal...

Marklin Open Goods Truck Kits (two made)

4902  Marklin  Bausatz/Kit  Open  Goods  Trucks  (two)  circa  1965.  Both...

Marklin DB 2nd Class Coach

HO  Marklin  Tinplate  DB  2nd.  Class  Coach.  Very  good  condition  but...