G Gauge

G scale covers numerous sizes, and G scale models are most often used for outdoor sets and garden railways. G scale trains are large and durable, and their size often means a high level of detail can be achieved by scale modellers, as well as on many ready to run kits. This size is also where steam powered models become more widely available. 1 gauge models, of 1:32 scale, are of a similar size to G scale trains, and G scale trains can often use 1 gauge tracks. A wide selection of accessories, ready to run models and model kits are available for G scale trains.

Item Price
LGB 2nd Class 4 Wheel Coach (with figures)

LGB  2nd.  Class  4  Wheel  Coach.  All  detail  intact.  Three  figures ...

LGB Rhb "Surava" 3 Plank Open Wagon

LGB  Rhb  "Surava"  3  Plank  Open  Wagon.  Two  moulded  latches  on  each...

50084 LGB Transformer/Controller

50084  LGB  Transformer/Controller.  Very  good  unboxed  condition....

1031 LGB Buffer Stop (two)

1031  LGB  Buffer  Stops  (two).  One  is  complete  with  lit  lantern  and...