The Bachmann company originated in America in 1833, when Henry Carlisle began to produce vanity products made from horn, ivory and tortoiseshell. At this point, the business largely dealt with the manufacture of high-back Spanish combs for the ladies of the Southern States.

Following the American Civil War this business was lost. The manufacture of side combs, barrettes and other hair ornaments continued on a large scale along with that of hand-carved ivory umbrella handles. In 1899, the business was merged with that of Henry G. Bachmann, a German immigrant who was engaged in a similar business with his son, and given the name Bachmann Bros.

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Item Price
Bachmann L.M.S. 50' Parcels Van

34-327D  Bachmann  L.M.S.  50'  Parcels  Van.  Appears  unrun  in  excellent...

Bachmann L.M.S. 57' Corridor Composite Coach

34-252D  Bachmann  57'  Corridor  Composite  1st./3rd.  Coach.  Appears ...

Churchward BR 2800 Class Static Locomotive

OO  Gauge  1918  Churchward  BR  "2800"  Class,  number  2861  Tender ...

GWR "Earl Bathurst" Static Model

OO  Gauge  1936  GWR  "4073"  Class  Number  5051  "Earl  Bathurst" ...

Bachmann HO/OO Curves (12)

44-2770  Bachmann  HO/OO  Curved  Rails.  Twelve  pieces  including ...