00 Gauge

The OO gauge, 1:76.2 in size, is the most popular scale of model in the United Kingdom. OO gauge models are widely available, as are the carriages, track and scenery for use with them. OO gauge models can often use HO scale track, offering an even wider choice of model track. Highly detailed collectors models are available, as are less detailed and more durable toys. As is the case with many of the smaller scales of train, these trains are most suited to indoor use. The OO gauge is a popular choice for those who emphasise the operation of their models over assembly and display.

Item Price
Hornby Royal Doulton "Tonbridge" Limited Edition

R648  Hornby  Royal  Doulton  "Tonbridge"  SR  4.4.0.  Schools  Class  Locomotive,  number  905.  Limited  Edition  model ...

Hornby Royal Doulton "King Henry VI" Limited Edition

R650  Hornby  Royal  Doulton  G.W.R.  "King  Henry  VI"  4.6.0.  Locomotive...

Bachmann L.M.S. 50' Parcels Van

34-327D  Bachmann  L.M.S.  50'  Parcels  Van.  Appears  unrun  in ...

Bachmann L.M.S. 57' Corridor Composite Coach

34-252D  Bachmann  57'  Corridor  Composite  1st./3rd.  Coach.  Appears ...

Hornby BR Mk1 Brake Coach (weathered)

R4200  Hornby  BR  Mk1.  Brake  Coach  (Midland  Region),  factory ...

Hornby "Top Link" BR Mk1 Sleeper Coach

R433  Hornby  "Top  Link"  BR  Mk1.  Sleeper  Coach.  Box  tapped  and  a ...

Replica BR Mk1 Brake Coach

12146  Replica  BR  Mk1.  Brake  Coach.  Very  good  to  excellent  boxed ...

Lima G.W.R. Palethorpes Bogie Wagon

30 5352  Lima  G.W.R.  Palethorpes  Royal  Cambridge  Bogie  Wagon.  Box ...

Mainline BR 2nd Class Coach

37-103  Mainline  BR  2nd.  Class  Coach.  Good  boxed  condition....

Mainline BR 2nd Class Brake Coach

37-104  Mainline  BR   2nd.  Class  Brake  Coach.  Very  good  boxed ...